Virginia Governor
Glenn Youngkin

“Geary has been a strong leader in Loudoun County. Now I need him in the House of Delegates.”

Loudoun County Sheriff
Mike Chapman

“Geary Higgins in a man of integrity and honor, devoted to his faith, family, and service to others. I have worked with him for more than a decade, especially on matters of public safety where his commitment is without peer. I especially appreciate Geary’s leadership on protecting the rights of Loudoun’s citizens to elect their chief law enforcement officer – a collaborative effort that succeeded. Geary always listens, considers all points of view, and works tenaciously to protect our constitutional rights. I am confident he will do the same for Virginia and be an outstanding member of the House of Delegates.”

Virginia Senator
Dick Black

“I give Geary Higgins my strongest endorsement for the 30th House of Delegates District. He is a conservative statesman who has courage and will be an outstanding leader for the Republican’s in the House of Delegates.”

Loudoun County Clerk of Circuit Court
Gary Clemens

“Geary Higgins served us well while during his eight years on the Board of Supervisors but he can do so much more for Virginia by serving as a Delegate. Geary and I also share a passion for preserving Loudoun’s history. That was an important focus for him as he worked on the Balls Bluff Battlefield project, helped sort out Waterford’s roads and alleyways situation with the help of the General Assembly, and renamed the Featherbed Bridge in honor of Loudoun historian John Lewis. I also greatly admire and respect Geary’s integrity, honesty and fiscal responsibility. These are just a few of the reasons I support his candidacy for the Virginia House of Delegates.”

Fauquier County Sheriff
Jeremy A. Falls

“Geary is an experienced and trusted leader who will always vote to keep our neighborhoods and schools safe. We need Geary to ensure Virginia remains a great place to raise a family. I am grateful for his unwavering support for law enforcement and I know he will be a strong partner as our next Delegate.”

Virginia House of Delegates
David LaRock

“It has been an extraordinary honor and privilege to serve in the House of Delegates, representing the towns and rural communities in the 33rd House District. As I move on to serve in a different capacity, it is very important to me that the people who have supported me are represented by someone who will continue to serve with a passion and commitment that is unwavering, I believe that person is Geary Higgins.

Please join me in supporting Geary Higgins, long time resident of Western Loudoun County, a dedicated, smart, servant leader to represent the new 30th House District.”

Virginia House of Delegates
Randy Minchew

“I have known Geary Higgins for over 25 years and have seen his good service on the Loudoun County School Board and on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. These public service experiences combined with his private sector work in resolving disputes for business organizations makes him uniquely qualified to serve in the VIrginia House of Delegates and will allow him to hit the ground running from Day 1. More importantly, Geary has integrity, empathy, a strong work ethic, and strong commitment for public service that will give him the ability to serve the citizens of the 30th House of Delegates district with distinction.”

Attorney General
Jason Miyares

“Geary Higgins is the candidate we need in the 30th House of Delegates District. He will fight for parents’ rights and school safety in Loudoun and Fauquier. As a former member of the School Board and Board of Supervisors, he created the Academies of Loudoun, increased teachers’ pay, reduced taxes and improved transportation in Loudoun and Northern Virginia. I am proud to endorse him.”

Virginia Senator
Jill Vogel

“I have known Geary Higgins since my first run for state senate. He has always been a commonsense conservative and a strong voice of reason. He has my fullest support to represent District 30 in the Virginia House of Delegates. In addition to fighting for our kids and our schools, Geary has also been at the tip of the spear in his efforts to support the rural economy and to preserve and protect the beauty and history of Piedmont Virginia. He worked to get Bluemont added to the National Register of Historic Places and his family donated the E. E. Lake Store to Loudoun County. During his two terms on the Board of Supervisors he brought the first state park to Northern Virginia, expanded the Balls Bluff Battlefield, preserved the historic John G. Lewis Bridge and solved an 75 year old property and title problem that affected all of the roads and alleys in Waterford. History and preservation are his passions.”

Loudoun County Commissioner of Revenue
Robert Wertz

“I have known and worked with Geary Higgins for many years. As a member of the school board, Board of Supervisors and then as Chairman of the 10th District Republican Committee, he has proven to be one of hardest working, straight forward leaders to have served the citizens of Loudoun County.”

Roger Zurn
Loudoun County Treasurer

“Geary has always looked out for the taxpayer and the County’s fiscal health. I know he will do the same in Richmond.”

American Veterans Vote

“American Veterans Vote, Inc., is proud to endorse Geary Higgins. We appreciate all the candidates who have ‘come forth to save their country’ in response to George Washington’s plea. As always, we encourage Veterans to vote, volunteer, and run! We especially want to encourage Veterans to vote as early as possible to secure their vote for the upcoming election. Early Voting started September 22, 2023.”


“Geary Higgins believes in boosting rural Virginia’s economy by supporting & promoting small businesses. He’ll eliminate wasteful spending, reduce taxes & lower inflation. The NFIB VA PAC is proud to endorse Geary for House of Delegates.”

Police Officers' Defense Coalition

“Safe communities require a well-funded, well-trained, and fully staffed police force. Any shortfalls in these areas endanger the lives of the men and women in blue and jeopardize the citizens they have sworn to protect. Geary Higgins earned this endorsement because he will prioritize and advocate for those who promised to keep our communities safe.”

The Virginia Police Benevolent Association

“We are proud to announce our endorsement of Geary Higgins for Virginia’s 30th House of Delegates District! We know Geary will continue to champion the voice of law enforcement officers and give them the proper tools to protect our communities, cities, and Commonwealth.”

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