“Geary Higgins served us well while serving in a local elected position but he can do so much more for Virginia by serving as a Virginia Senator.  I admire and respect Geary’s integrity, honesty and fiscal responsibility and these are just a few reasons why I support his candidacy for Virginia Senate.”

Gary Clemens, Loudoun County Clerk of Circuit Court

“I have known and worked with Geary Higgins for many years. As a member of the school board, Board of Supervisors and then as Chairman of the 10th District Republican Committee, he has proven to be one of hardest working, straight forward leaders to have served the citizens of Loudoun County.”

Robert Wertz, Loudoun County Commissioner of Revenue

“Geary has always looked out for the taxpayer and the County’s fiscal health. I know he will do the same in Richmond.”

Roger Zurn, Loudoun County Treasurer

Paid For And Authorized By Geary Higgins for Senate.
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