Fighting for School Safety

The safety of our children is on the hearts and minds of all parents, grandparents, teachers, and runs throughout our community. We need to move past politics and get serious about protecting our children. We protect politicians, airports, sports arenas, courts, banks and yet our schools are basically left unprotected or at best with unarmed resource officers who are not prepared to defend the school in the case of an active intruder. Why are our children and teachers left defenseless to wait for the Sheriff’s department to arrive before action is taken on an active intruder? Aren’t our children and schools’ worth protecting?

I will propose legislation and funding requiring every school to have a safety audit and develop an active intruder emergency plan along with a trained and equipped security guard, working in coordination with the Sheriff’s department.  A strong message needs to be sent to anyone thinking about violating school property that “this school is protected by locked doors, cameras and armed security personnel.”
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