Republican Loudoun County Supervisor Geary Higgins of the Catoctin District and Democratic state Del. John Bell will square off in the 13th Senate District seat race this November after earning their party’s nominations.

The 13th Senate District seat, which is being vacated by the retiring Republican Sen. Dick Black, covers portions of Sterling, Ashburn, western Loudoun County and part of Prince William County.

Higgins on Tuesday won the Republican nomination, defeating board colleague Ron Meyer in the primary with 65 percent of the vote to Meyer’s 35 percent.

Higgins ran to the right of Meyer during the primary, consistently touting his support for President Donald Trump’s border wall, his pro-life views and his support for the Second Amendment.

Addressing supporters Tuesday night, Higgins said he will fight to “protect liberties and quality of life.”

“No one in this room is under the illusion that it’s going to be an easy race,” Higgins, the vice president of Labor Relations for NECA, Inc., said. “For us it’s going to be a tough race. Over the next five months we’re going to be outspent, we’re going to be attacked, but I believe that we will prevail with all your support and enthusiasm that I’ve had today.”

More than 10,000 votes were cast in the 13th District primary.

Bell, a retired Air Force officer, will finish his second term as the representative of the 87th House of Delegates District at the end of the year. The Democrat faced several primary potential challengers early on but eventually won his party’s nomination unopposed. He serves on several committees in the House of Delegates, including Counties Cities and Towns, Militia, Police and Public Safety, and Appropriations, along with several other subcommittees.

The 13th District election is expected to be one of the highest-profile, most-expensive contests in the commonwealth. Black won his 2015 contest over Democrat Jill McCabe by 5.5 percent of the vote and his 2011 race by 14 percent over Shawn Mitchell. In 2016, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won the 13th District vote by 6 percent, and now Gov. Ralph Northam (D) took the 13th by 11 percent in 2017.

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written by Jeanine Martin


The great one, Mark Levin, came to Loudoun County on Sunday to support Geary Higgins in his race for the 13th Senate district. The primary for the race is on June 11th.

In an auditorium filled to capacity, Levin said we are losing our county, our state, and our nation. We are losing our individual liberties and freedoms. We must turn this around. Sending Geary Higgins to Richmond is the way to begin taking back our state and our country and reestablishing our freedoms and liberty. It all starts at the local level.

Levin talked about saving our Constitution, support for a free press and the right to bear arms, “anytime we choose”, things Geary Higgins firmly supports. Levin talked about our Governor’s support of infanticide. A bill supporting abortion or infanticide will not happen with Geary Higgins in the State Senate. Higgins is strongly pro-life. His support of the 2nd Amendment is firm.

The primary for Higgins is June 11th and Levin called on everyone to work hard to elect Geary, give your money, volunteer your time and remember to vote for Geary Higgins on June 11th. We must “March on Richmond and take it back, one more time!”


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By Nathaniel Cline

Catoctin District Supervisor Geary Higgins announced Tuesday that he is running for the state Senate’s 13th District seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Dick Black.

The 13th District covers Ashburn, western Loudoun County and parts of Prince William County.

“Almost every important issue facing residents in Loudoun and Prince William Counties deals with quality of life – high quality schools, less traffic, low crime, low taxes and protection of our liberties,” Higgins said in a prepared statement. “As an eight-year supervisor, chair of the Transportation and Land Use Committee and previous co-chair of the Joint School Board – Board of Supervisors Committee, I have the experience and track record of making government work for our residents not against them. I am running to take my experience and leadership to Richmond on behalf of the residents in Loudoun and Prince William Counties.”

Higgins enters a crowded race vying for the Republican nomination. He’ll go up against Broad Run District Supervisor Ron Meyer (R) and former CIA operations officer and national security executive Mike Buscher.

Del. John Bell (D-87th), financial advisor Lucero Wiley and activist Jasmine Moawad-Barrientos are seeking the Democratic nomination.

If elected, Higgins said he will draw on his budgeting expertise.

“Our budget process is one of the most important issues we deal with on the board,” Higgins said. “I am proud to say, that since my election in 2011, I have been able to work with my Republican colleagues to reduce the tax rate on residents by 20 cents. Just last year our board lowered the tax rate by four cents and was still able to increase school funding by 6.6 percent. I am anxious to take this experience to Richmond on behalf of Loudoun and Prince William residents.”

Higgins quickly picked up support of the region’s well-known and sometimes controversial conservatives.

Sen. Black said in a prepared statement, “I give Geary Higgins my strongest endorsement for the 13th Senate District. Geary Higgins has demonstrated his commitment to defending the unborn and protecting the Second Amendment. He is a conservative statesman who will lead the Republicans to victory in November.”

Former state Del. Bob Marshall (R) added, “Geary Higgins has the governmental experience as a supervisor and the private experience in resolving disputes for business organizations to prudently serve the citizens of the 13th Senate District. Geary is clear and candid. He knows that rights come from our creator, and the first of these is the right to life for the innocent, from conception to natural death.”

Higgins serves as chairman of the Board of Supervisors’ Transportation and Land Use Committee and is a member of the Joint Board of Supervisors/School Board Committee, having previously served as co-chair of that committee. Higgins is also one of two of the board’s representatives on the Northern Virginia Regional Commission and serves as the board’s representative on the Loudoun County Agricultural District Advisory Committee and the Annexation Area Development Policy Committee.

Additionally, Higgins served as the Catoctin representative on the Loudoun County School Board from 2000 to 2004.

Higgins is the vice president of Labor Relations for NECA, Inc. in Bethesda, Maryland. In that capacity, he serves on numerous industry-related educational and training boards and as a health care and pension trustee.

With Higgins electing to seek the 13th District seat in the state Senate, Democrat Forest Hayes is currently the only candidate for the Catoctin seat on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors.

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