written by Jeanine Martin


The great one, Mark Levin, came to Loudoun County on Sunday to support Geary Higgins in his race for the 13th Senate district. The primary for the race is on June 11th.

In an auditorium filled to capacity, Levin said we are losing our county, our state, and our nation. We are losing our individual liberties and freedoms. We must turn this around. Sending Geary Higgins to Richmond is the way to begin taking back our state and our country and reestablishing our freedoms and liberty. It all starts at the local level.

Levin talked about saving our Constitution, support for a free press and the right to bear arms, “anytime we choose”, things Geary Higgins firmly supports. Levin talked about our Governor’s support of infanticide. A bill supporting abortion or infanticide will not happen with Geary Higgins in the State Senate. Higgins is strongly pro-life. His support of the 2nd Amendment is firm.

The primary for Higgins is June 11th and Levin called on everyone to work hard to elect Geary, give your money, volunteer your time and remember to vote for Geary Higgins on June 11th. We must “March on Richmond and take it back, one more time!”


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